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Colour Mixing Magic Online Course

With Lesley Charnock

A unique approach to accurate, confident colour mixing for oil and water based painting mediums, plus many other ways colour is used to enhance your paintings!

Over the years I have found colour mixing to be an ongoing frustration for my students, so the focus of this course is essentially about overcoming the challenges of colour mixing. However, the course has developed into so much more and students will learn many other ways colour plays a vital roll in improving their paintings!

Lesley answers questions here

Mixing & Matching 100’s of Colours Accurately
How to capture the magic of light in your paintings
Exciting New Palettes, Exciting New Mixes

What the course includes

  • Understanding important colour terms and how they relate to your paintings……

  • Interaction and deception of colour

  • The importance of complementary colours in colour mixing

  • Mixing and matching hundreds of hues accurately from a limited palette

  • Gaining a new confidence in mixing your own blacks and calorific greys

  • Understanding the importance of greys and how and why we need them

  • How colour mixes magically catch light in your paintings

  • Gaining the confidence to mix any colour you see!

  • Learning new and exciting colour palettes

  • A four weeks supported (or unsupported) online course

  • Continued access to course material for 12 month

Voice over showing Lesley teaching

Feedback from students

Almarie Williams

Your energy, your enthusiasm, your ability, your professionalism, your honesty (I could go on) all strongly affirm and build individuals up. You create a safe place to learn. You are a wonderful teacher and a stunning artist and I am so grateful to have spent those few precious hours with you.

Avril Sacks

I so enjoyed the workshop yesterday! I am so inspired to paint and cant thank you enough for giving me this gift. I learned more from you in 5hrs than I did in 5mths with the other teacher that I went to. You are so encouraging and impart your vast knowledge and experience so effortlessly.

Marianne Alfers

Thank you to the best teacher I’ve ever had! Today was extremely interesting for me, very inspiring, and I’ve learned more than ever before. Thank you. I feel very grateful. There was no tension or pressure on me at all, just relaxation and joy.

Watch a free lesson

Please send me an email at if you are interested in doing this online course in April /May 2021. First 15 Students will get a 15 % discount.




Do I have to complete the class within the dates given?

If you choose the supported option, I will be available to help you online in the Private Group for the duration of the 4 weeks specified but you will have the course material for 12 months to continue working through it in your own time. If you choose the unsupported option, you will have everything simply and clearly explained to manage easily on your own and again, you will have the course material available to you for 12 months.

How do I ask you questions?

If you have the supported option, you can post your questions and upload photos of your work on the private group page. I check the page every day and will answer within 24 hours.

How does the private group work?

If you want feedback from me you will need to join the Private Group. In this group no other people will see your posts, other than the students in this course and me. Your involvement in the group is completely up to you. Some people join the group and do not post, but just read and learn from others, while other students are more active.

How much painting experience do I need?

This course will be of great value to you if you are very new at your painting journey, however, you should have some basic experience using either oil, acrylic or water- based paints. This workshop does not teach you how to use oil, acrylic paint or water-based specifically.

What are the computer requirements?

You will need high speed internet access to watch the videos in the class. You may access the videos from your lap top computer, tablet or smart-phone. Laptop and tablet are preferable.

Online Course Costs?

R 3,600 – Option one is the four weeks fully supported by me.
R2,800 – Option two is unsupported but with well explained course notes and all classes and demos on video.

What are the Materials?

A general materials list is here.

More Questions?  Send me an email here.